Spandandeep foundation

75th Independence day program

Spandandeep celebrated 75th Independence day program with Trustees, students, parents along with guest on 15th August 2021 Shri N.M Vijaysingh and Shri Subash Chandra Bose was the guest of this program Shri Vimal Kumar, Shri K.N Srinivas, Shri K.N Muniraja and Shri Rakesh R were the trustees joined in this great remarkable day Guest was hoisted the National flag followed by the National Anthem Shri N.M Vijaysingh from ITC sponsored notebooks and stationaries of worth Rs. 30000 to distribute for the students at Kuduregere Distributed notebooks and stationaries to 50 students from primary level to higher secondary level to perform their studies well Students have participated cultural activities to make his program successfully