Spandandeep foundation

Diageo Business services donated Bicycles to 5 children those who are
persuing their education in Government schools implemented by
Spandandeep Founation.
The following list of students received bicycles are given below:
1. Abishek – 9th
2. Prejwlal M – 9th
3. Sanapala Lokash – 9th
4. Lavanya – 9th
5. Laharika – 6th

Thanks to all the team members of Diageo Business Services helped our
children by donating bicycles to go government schools. This makes
positive impact among the children because these children to go school
by walk around 3 kilometres and they feel very happy and showed
gratitude to Diageo Business Services for Helping hand.
Spandandeep heartfully thank to each one of you for the donating
bicycles for our children. Our children shared the positive feedback
in video clippings attached here.