Spandandeep foundation

Distribution of wheel chair and notebooks, higher education scholarship support program

Spandandeep in association with Interplex electronics India Pvt Ltd organised the following service activity for the benefit of person with disabilities and underprivileged community at government pre primary school, kudregere on 15th July 2022
1.Distribution of wheel chairs to 4 beneficiaries
2.Distribution of notebooks and Stationaries to 30 students who are pursuing their education from class 6th to 12th standard
3.Interplex electronics India Pvt Ltd supported economically challenged and disabled parent children higher education scholarship support of rupees 10,000 each for 7 students
Guest :
Shri Vasu senior H R manager,Shri Anand P N.H R manager and all the team members from Interplex electronics India Pvt Ltd,Shri B M Nagesh bettahalasur gram Panchayat chairman, Shri Vimal kumar M founder managing trustee, Shri H Srinivas Reddy trustee, Shri K N Srinivas vice President, Shri K N Muniraja secretary from spandandeep foundation, Shri Muniyappa secretary, Shri Deepak J from Nagachethana PU College and all the gram Panchayat members of bettahalasur Panchayat
Beneficiaries, students, parents and well-wishers have attended in this program, this event is very successful one and transformed the life of many people in rural locality.