Spandandeep foundation

Spandandeep in association with Reva, Shankar eye hospital, Bangalore blood bank and Bandikodigehalli panchayat organised eye camp, blood donation camp and note book distribution program at Bandikodigehalli on 18.06.2023 . 

Sri Srinivasa Ravilishetty, senior director Alcon,Dr manjula battalury, founder Mandala USA,Sri Ranganath gupta,retd AGM KPCL , Bandikodigehalli panchayat president and members, spandandeep team members were the guest of this event.

Distributed notebooks and school bags to 100 government school children

40 members donated blood for the noble cost

130 person benefitted from the eye camp 45 members require spectacles and 25 members undergo cataract surgery

Spandandeep heartfelt thank all the representatives and volunteers of all the organisations for the success of the mega event.