Spandandeep foundation

Louis Braille day and Library inauguration

Spandandeep celebrated Louis Braille day on 4th Jan 2021 on the remembrance of invention of Braille. Shri Ranganath Guptha was guest of this event and visually impaired students were attended in this program. Ranganath and Madhu sudan are the visually impaired students demonstrated the Braille and explained its importance Distributed Braille materials to these students to perform their studies well. Inaugurated Library service to rural community students to explore the knowledge and make use of this service to cement their confidence level. Dr. Ramesh has sponsored Rs. 10,000 for the procurement of books of Library project.
We do have state civil service exam competition books, dictionaries, biographies, magazines, newspapers, academic textbooks, moral and eminent personalities books are available.
Shri H Srinivas reddy and Ranganath Guptha, Shri Vimal Kumar was inaugurated Library for the utilisation of rural children.