Spandandeep foundation

What We Do

Spandandeep is a NGO work towards the empowerment of person with disabilities and under priviledged children and youths for their education, skilling and training to become an independent. We are working for these children and youths in rural location.
Higher Education Program:
Spandandeep have been supporting higher education for persons with disabilities and under priviledged children. With the support of different organisations, Team Spandandeep have been identified the most deserving persons with disabilities and under priviledged students for enrolling for scholarship and payment has been processed directly to the college account. Spandandeep identified 140 students for the academic year 2022-23 and we have been identified and refered the list of students for different organisations and NGO for the process of scholarship for the benefit of students in rural area.
Library services:
Spandandeep facilitated library services to the primary level to higher education level students for the improvement of reading, writing and learning skills to increase vocabulary, General knowledge to cement their skills in well and good. We do have state level competitive exam books, banking exam books, academic textbooks, dictionaries, Magazines, Newspapers, moral and story books, eminent personalities biography and so on.
We have been developing the reading habit among children to help them to explore many things. We have been helping to participate quiz, debate and reading and writing competitions and encourage them to build awareness about competitive exams.
Spandandeep facilitates volunteering for the projects to support various services such as mobilizing, documentation, scribe services, helping in awareness campaigns, conducting programs, camps so on to reach the focused objectives of organization.
Support services:
Arranging Scribe for visually impaired students to write semester exams and even competitive examinations also. Conducting motivation and counsciling sessions to develop them inter personal skills. Arranging volunteers to write assignments and help for reading service.
Conducting health camps:
Spandandeep have been focusing public health especially on improvement of eyesight and eradicate vision loss. Spandandeep have conducted eye camps collaboration with Shankar Eye Hospital for eye screening, testing, diagnosing Cataract operations, distributing free spectacles and so on. We have been planning to conduct such camps in rural location to improve the eyesight of the people and eradicate vision loss in this year too.